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Your single space for fast and efficient procurement, new partnerships and business development
GRO - is a next-gen business platform that reshapes organizations'
buying processes
We want you to forget about searching and evaluating suppliers, comparing manually price quotes and 100 other time consuming things. Just share what you want to purchase for your organization and leave the rest to us! Your time matters.
Why GRO?
Efficient procurement
Shop transparently and online, without wasting time searching and verifying sellers
Reduced procurement costs
Save up to 21% of your budget by choosing the most suitable price offers
Contribution to the economy
Support new businesses by collaborating with them via GRO and make contribution to the economical growth
Requests for quotation
Different categories
Submitted price offers
Our customers

For every organization, at every stage of growth!

How it works?
Sign up
Easily sign up with ASAN Imza within 2 minutes
Share request for quotation
Share quotation requests for the products or services you want
Choose the best offer
Choose the offer that fits you most and start cooperating with a new business!
Frequently asked questions
What is it GRO?
GRO is a platform that allows businesses to collaborate with each other in a convenient, fast, and transparent space.
Here you, as a buyer, can save your time and budget by sharing your supply purchases and getting the most suitable market offers.
As a seller, you can get a chance to cooperate with the largest buyers in the market!
How can I join GRO?
The only thing you need is ASAN Imza! ASAN Imza must be linked to your entrepreneur or company tax id. Other registration methods will be added in the future.
Is the platform free?
Yes! GRO is totally free to join and use.
I'm not PASHA Bank's customer. Can I join GRO?
Absolutely yes! Customers of all banks may join our platform.
Who can join GRO?
Only legal entities and entrepreneurs can join the platform.
Which documents do we need to sign up?
You don't need any extra documents to join GRO. All you need is ASAN Imza for an online sign up!
May I sell my products & services here?
As a supplier you may submit your price quotes to the active purchase requests. You can't directly sell products & services on GRO.
Will there be any other services to help me grow my business?
One of the main goals of GRO is to help you grow your business. We are planning to have additional services such as financing, delivery service, insurance service, smart contracts, development advice and etc. to grow your business.